Ya ghous mohiuddin abdul qadir jilani lyrics

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Ya ghous mohiuddin abdul qadir jilani lyrics

In this ummah there are a lot of great personalities one of them with high status is Shaik Abdulqadir Jilani. In this short piece of writing we learn about his great personality. His maternal lineage was Hussaini and paternal lineage was Hassani.

ya ghous mohiuddin abdul qadir jilani lyrics

On his blessed birth a lots of remarkable events took place. At his birth the age of his mother was sixty years when usually a woman cannot reproduce. His voice was loud and he had an extremely beautiful look. He was very intelligent. His father was died in his early age and he was brought up by his maternal grandfather named Sayyiduna Abdullah saummaee. His grandfather was very pious man and was a famous religious personality of jeelan. After the basic education in his city, ghous e Azam was sent to Baghdad for acquiring religious knowledge from famous scholars of Baghdad.

He sought the knowledge of Fiqh for a long period of time from the great scholars of Fiqh like Abu al khtaab, Qazi abu yaala, Qazi Abu Saeed and others. He had a great love for knowledge. He received the religious knowledge in a unique way.

He was very eager to receive knowledge from his teachers. He used to go to forest after receiving knowledge from his teachers and there he continues his studies. He went to deserts or forests for acquiring loneliness to give proper concentration on his studies and he did not concern how the circumstances are. He went to study in deserts whether it was day or night, windstorm or pouring rain, heat or cold. He mostly remained hungry or ate very small quantity of food and continued his studies and sleep hungry on the ground of pebbles.

He spent most of his time learning knowledge. He has done struggles for it and spent his time in the company of famous saints and scholars of his time. He continued to gain spiritual and religious knowledge from them and a time came when he was the most exalted among these famous scholars and saints.

He bore a lot of hardships and troubles during his efforts for gaining knowledge and as a result he became the greatest saint of the world. People used to follow and respect him. His efforts increased the majesty of Islam and the status of knowledge. People accepted his greatness and eminence.

ya ghous mohiuddin abdul qadir jilani lyrics

Blessed scholars of his time used to come to him for acquiring knowledge and became his students. Many of them got the award of his khilafat. People came from the different areas to him for gaining knowledge. A large gathering of seventy thousand people collected before him to quench their thrust of knowledge. Numerous scholars, Mashaikh and Fuqhaa were found in his gathering.

After completion of his studies, he started the job of issuing fatawa and preaching Islamic teachings. Side by side he also carry on delivering sermons and made many publications. His lectures were full of knowledge and wisdom.

They were so influential and powerful that listeners would go into spiritual ecstasy. Some of them would tear their clothes. Others would fall unconscious.

On various occasions, even non-Muslims came to his lectures. After listening to his lectures they would find that they could not refute anything he said and they would willingly accept Islam.Holy Prophet P. H announced of His Prophethood at the age of Forty Yoom e Ghous ul Azam r. Many of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani's Allah's mercy be on him contemporaries and older saints respected him and accepted his unique elevated position.

They said, 'Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani was honoured by Allah and enjoyed highest spiritual status and nearness to Allah. He never stood up for the caliphs and never ac According to some authentic histories seven sons of Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani decided to stay in Baghdad.

They all were buried at Baghdad. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Sheikh abdul qadir jillani R. A followers and his family on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account?

ya ghous mohiuddin abdul qadir jilani lyrics

Not Now. Visitor Posts. Nisar Ahmed Soomro. Mu'azzam Imak. Mnadeem Hassani Hussaini. A followers and his family Posts. Sheikh abdul qadir jillani R. Yazeed ki pehchan. Lovers of Ghous ul Azam R. Continue reading. A updated their cover photo. Waqt News is with Nadeem Ashraf and 41 others. Waseela E Ism e Muhammad S. A followers and his family updated their cover photo. See more.Similar Answers. Ibn Katheer may Allah have mercy on him said: He had a dignified bearing, and he kept quiet except for enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil; he had very little interest in worldly gain i.

To sum up, he was one of the leading shaykhs. Summing up his research, he said:. He also affirmed that it is obligatory to obey those in authority, and that it is not permissible to rebel against them. Nobody is infallible except the Prophets; all others are subject to error, and if the volume of water reaches two large vessels, it cannot be contaminated by impurity as stated in the books of fiqh.

End quote.

Huzoor Ghous-e-Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Bayaan

See also the answers to questions no. After this incident he disposed of his garden and all his possessions, and distributed his wealth to the poor. He renounced this world and went to Bukhara to seek knowledge. Chishti travelled to many places, then he decided to go to India because of a dream in which the Prophet blessings and peace of Allah be upon him instructed him to do so. So he went to India and stayed in Lahore, then after a short while he went to Ajmer — in the region of Rajasthan — where he settled and where he died.

He is the founder of the innovated Sufi order that is known in India as the Chishtiyyah — after the town of Chisht in Herat, in north-western Afghanistan. In this order there is something that they call al-muraaqabah al-chishtiyyah the Chishti meditation.

This means spending half an hour a week at the graveside. Undoubtedly this is an innovation and misguidance; indeed there is a fear that it may open the door to ascribing partners to Allah, may He be exalted, because the Sufi may be influenced by the occupant of the grave, and his thinking, meditation and focus may be for him, which comes under the heading of major shirk.

These two meanings are not applicable to them, because in most cases their beliefs are corrupt and they follow a lot of innovations. The Sufis have innovated awraad sing. They do all of that whilst swaying, bowing, rising, dancing, singing and clapping, and other actions for which there is no basis and that are not known in the Book of Allah or the Sunnah of His Messenger blessings and peace of Allah be upon him.

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No Muslim should sit in their gatherings and he must avoid mixing with them, so that he will not be influenced by their corrupt beliefs, lest he fall into the same shirk and innovation that they have fallen into. See also the answer to question no. Password should contain small, capital letter and at least 8 characters long.

Log in Create an account. If you do not have an account, you can click the button below to create one. Create new account Log in. Reset password. English en. Indonesian id. Publication : Views : One day a very pious and humble man was making Ibaadat by a river. He was very hungry, as he had not eaten for three days and three nights.

Just then he noticed an apple floating in the river, in his direction. He reached out and took this apple and ate it. He decided to go in search of the owner of this apple. He walked alongside the river for a long time until he reached an orchard that had an apple tree. He immediately knew that the apple had come from this orchard. Sayyidi Abu Saaleh asked to see the owner. He explained what had happened and asked him for forgiveness for eating his apple without permission. The owner listened and realized that this was a chosen servant of Allah.

The owner agreed to forgive Sayyidi Abu Saaleh under one condition — that he must work in the orchard for ten years. Sayyidi Abu Saaleh agreed to this and after ten years had passed he went to the owner and asked to be excused but the owner asked him to work for another two years. Sayyidi Abu Saaleh agreed to do this without complaint. After two years had passed, the owner had agreed to let Sayyidi Abu Saaleh leave under one final condition — that he must marry his daughter.

Huzoor Ghaus-e-Azam was indeed a blessed child.

ya ghous mohiuddin abdul qadir jilani lyrics

He was born when his mother was sixty years old. Many miracles surrounded his birth. It was the arrival of Sultan ul Awliya King of the Awliyawhich had been foretold for centuries before his birth. He was born on the eve of the 1st of Ramadaan Hijri in the city of Jilan and was blessed to his mother at an age when women are usually unable to have children.

This alone was one of the astonishing incidents related to the birth of the great saint. He is Hassani from his father and Hussaini from his mother.

He is my beloved and the beloved of Almighty Allah and he is the most exalted amongst the Awliya and Aqtaab. This alone was the proof of his Wilayat Sainthood.

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During the entire month of Ramadaan, he never drank milk after the time of Sehri and before the time of Iftar i. His blessed mother says that he would never cry for milk the entire day and would only take milk at the time of Iftar. From a tender age, he spent his time in the remembrance of Almighty Allah.

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As time passed, he became accustomed to this voice, and instead of going to his mother, he would abandon the thought of playing and occupy himself in the remembrance of Allah. After the demise of his grandfather, the responsibility of his education fell to his blessed mother. With patience, sincerity, and dedication, she fulfilled this responsibility that she had been blessed with. Once, while Huzoor Ghaus-e-Azam was about eighteen years old, he went out of his house for a stroll.

He walked in the streets of Jilan and found an ox in front of him. He then requested permission to journey to Baghdad in order to complete his academic studies and seek more spiritual knowledge.

His mother, who was now seventy-eight years old, without a second thought acceded to this noble request.

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There was always a danger of travelers being robbed and killed.January 21, by Nasir Memon 1 Comment. The Qadiriyya are the Sufi order founded by him, based on his name. Family Ghous Pak was born around in Persia. Hasan was the eldest son of Ali and Fatima. However, Al-Gilani also carried the epithet, al-Baghdadi referring to his residence and burial in Baghdad.

Education Al Gilani spent his early life in Naif, the town of his birth. Inat the age of eighteen years, he went to Baghdad. A detailed description of his various teachers and subjects are included below. After completing his education, Gilani left Baghdad. He spent twenty-five years as a reclusive wanderer in the desert regions of Iraq. The Incident of Dacoits While sending him to Baghdad, his mother sewed 40 gold coins in his quilt. The dacoits struck the caravan on the way, and looted all the travelers of their belongings.

They asked him what he had. He told them about the coins. They considered it a joke and took him to their chief, who asked him the same question and he again replied that he had 40 gold coins. He asked him to show the coins, upon whom he tore away, the quilt and produced the gold coins. He was surprised and asked him why he had given the hidden gold coins when he could have kept them hidden.

Young Abdul Qadir Jilani replied that he was traveling to Baghdad to receive education and his mother had instructed him to speak the truth. This left a deep effect on the chief of the dacoits and he gave up looting and accepted Islam. Filed under Islamic Posts Tagged with brief introductionghous e azamghous paksheikh abdul qadir jilani. I am a Project Manager.

I have experienced of more than 15 years in IT field. I did complete various Projects of Website and Mobile Apps. I have expertise to manage Projects of Android Applications. Pingback: Studio de tatuagem em osasco.

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Name required. Search Search for:.The Qadiriyya tariqa is named after him. The name Muhiyudin describes him as a "reviver of religion". Gilani's father, Abu Saleh, was from a Sayyid lineage, tracing his descent from Hasan ibn Alia grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Gilani spent his early life in Gilan, the town of his birth. Inat the age of eighteen years, he went to Baghdad. After completing his education, Gilani left Baghdad. He spent twenty-five years as a reclusive wanderer in the desert regions of Iraq. At the age of 18, Gilani went to Baghdad to study the Hanbali school of fiqh. InGilani returned to Baghdad and began to preach to the public. In the morning he taught hadith and tafsirand in the afternoon he held discourse on the science of the heart and the virtues of the Quran.

abdul qadir song lyrics

He was said to have been a convincing preacher and converted numerous Jews and Christians. His strength came in the reconciling of the mystical nature of Sufism and strict nature of the Law. Gilani died in the evening of February 21, 11th Rabi' al-thani AH at the age of ninety one years according to the Islamic calendar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Redirected from Abdul-Qadir Gilani. Gilan Provincepresent-day Iran. BaghdadIraq. I, ed. R Gibb, J. Kramers, E. Levi-Provencal, J. Schacht, Brill,69;"authorities are unanimous in stating that he was a Persian from Nayf Nif in Djilan, south of the Caspian Sea. Retrieved Sajjadah Nashinan of Golra Sharif, Islamabad A — Art. Part 1.

A — Algonquins pg Hastings, James and Selbie, John A. Adamant Media corporation.Sheikh Mohiyuddin Abu Muhammad Abdul Qadir al-Jilani al-Ghawth al-Azam biography, life history, family background, wives childrens, karamat, shrine image. Breaking News [random][newsticker]. Home baghdad Biography books in urdu enwikipedia gaus aazam grave hazrat sheikh abdul qadir jilani history Islamic Images mazars iraq Miracle muslims in america persia saints Sufi tomb wali wikipedia Biography - Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani R.

Hazrat Saifuddin Radiallahu Anhu. Hazrat Sharfuddin Radiallahu Anhu. Hazrat Abu Bakr Radiallahu Anhu. Hazrat Sirajuddin Radiallahu Anhu. Hazrat Yahya Radiallahu Anhu. Hazrat Musa Radiallahu Anhu.

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Hazrat Muhammad Radiallahu Anhu. Hazrat Ibrahim Radiallahu Anhu. Hazrat Abdullah Radiallahu Anhu. Abdul Qadir "Servant of the All-Powerful".

Muhiyud-Din "Reviver of the Religion". Abu Muhammad "Father of Muhammad". Sultan al-Awliya "The King of the Saints". The Rose of Baghdad. She was also a very pious person. The circumstances surrounding the blessed marriage of Hazrat Abu Saleh Moosa radiallahu anhu and Hazrat Bibi Ummul Khair radiallahu anha were quite miraculous to say the least. He was a very patient, humble, kind and sincere person. She was a very kind and pious woman.


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